Photo: Chelsea Roisum - CBR Photography

About Me


Vancouver born and raised, it's the place I call home with my husband, two of my three children, and pets. A very long ago graduate of the University of British Columbia, I earned my degree in Commerce with a major in Marketing—the creative business major, hardly the most common of business study outcomes, but one I had blindly fixed on, for some reason or another, in my teenage years. In looking back, it does have a thready kind of sense to it, for what is marketing if not a form of creative wordplay? Paper in hand and one very quick professional false-start to my credit, I stumbled eagerly into the world of Corporate Communications. I plied my skill in trade across the business spectrum; from old-guard not-for-profit institutions to entrepreneurial technology newbies. Along the way I was charged with the creation of a range of written materials: business plans, business periodical content, technical white papers, pert and pithy prose for advertisements and events, and various dry but staple product and systems manuals.


When, some years into my professional evolution, I became the cream half of a coffee-and-cream couple, my horizon was suddenly shifted in a way that I believe offered me a fortunate and eye-opening perspective. Certainly it changed my way of seeing, but it also changed the way I was seen. And it sparked a desire for greater understanding, especially in relation to my gender. I had always been an independent young woman, one brought up to believe that every opportunity in the world was open to me. I had grown up with very little in the way of expectation, cultural or familial, to define my way of living, or my role as a woman. Choice, direction, was entirely my own. Life was mine for the making. Until that point in my life I had never given a great deal of thought to the idea that for other young women things might be different.


After babies I stepped away from the corporate side of life, but fiction, the idea of it, had always been winking at me, beckoning from an obscure corner of my conscious. It took my children's fledgling independence and a milestone birthday for me to decide to finally settle down to write.


I think, perhaps, it may have been fate that planted three small seeds, seeds in the form of actual events that were close enough to me, to my life, that they touched my heart and came to inspire what evolved into this story.